Department of Creative Fashion Design and Management

Department of Creative Fashion Design and Management

The department offers an undergraduate program which is tailored to meet the needs of students wishing to enter the challenging and exciting world of the fashion professional including Cosmetology Styling, Hair Design, and Creative Fashion Design. The foci of the undergraduate program are to develop students’ skills and knowledge on aesthetics, fashion and creative design, and marketing public relations.

Curriculum Design

The curriculum emphasizes research, critical and creative thinking, and strong practical skills.  Courses are taught by fashion design educators and industry professionals. Fundamental skill areas include cosmetology, hair styling and marketing and management for fashion and beauty industries. Computer assisted design is integrated into the curriculum. The creative work of the students will be showcased at CCUT.


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Eugene Huang


Ph.D. Geological Sciences, Cornell University, 1987.
Bachelor, Dept. Geology, National Taiwan University, 1976.


Professor & Chairperson, Center for General Education, Chong-Chou Institute of Technology
Chairperson, Dept. Applied Foreign Languages, Chong-Chou Institute of Technology
Research Associate Fellow, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica
Chairperson, Dept. Applied English, Diwan College of Management, Madou, Tainan, Taiwan
Postdoctoral Associate, Hochdruckgruppe, Max-Planck Institut fur Chemie, W. Germany
Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University, Department of Geological Sciences, U.S.A.
Geologist, Central Geological Survey, Taipei, Taiwan, R. O. C.


Mineral Physics
Earth sciences
English Teaching
Office: D217

Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext: 3023

Yi-In Lee
Assistant Professor, Chairperson


  • Ph.D. degree in Management, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
  • M.S. degree in Applied Statistic, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
  • B.S. degree in Statistic, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Information Management, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Taiwan, 2002~present
  • Lecturer, Department of International Trade, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Taiwan, 2000-2002


  • Elementary ERP Planner Applications in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Certification
  • ERP Software Consultant for Distribution Module
  • ERP Software Consultant for Financial Module
  • Internet and Computing Core Certifications, IC3
  • Advanced ERP Planner in Logistic
  • ERP Application Engineer for Manufacturing Module
  • BI Application Engineer


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Market Research
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Team effectiveness
  • Parallel Computing
  • Genetic Algorithms

Laboratory: H305
Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext:3324
Fax:(04)8359000 *3699

Pao-ching Chu
Assistant Professor


Ph.D. of Sociology, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France
Master of Sociology, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France
Bachelor, Department of Psychology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


Assistant Professor and Chairman, Creative Fashion Design and Management, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Changhwa
Assistant Professor and Chairman, Motion Pictures and Video Communication, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Changhwa
Assistant Professor and Chairman, Human Resources and Public Relations, Dayeh University, Changhwa


Human Relations and Communication
Organizational Behavior
Fashion Study and Consumer Behavior
Service Failure and Recovery

Research Interests

Paternalistic Leadership in Family Enterprises
Human Capital and Human Resource Development in Taiwanese Enterprises in China
Service Failure and Recovery in Healthcare Industry and Esthetic Science
Human Communication and Negotiation
Labor Relations and Bargaining

Laboratory: H305
Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext:3601
Fax:(04)8359000 *3699

Sung Shihwei


Master of Education, Spanish teaching as Second Language, University of Valladolid, Spain, 2008
Bachelor, Department of Spanish Language and Literature, Providence University, Taiwan, 2004


Part-time Teacher, Charles European Language Center, Taichung, Taiwan, 2009-2010
Sales Representative in Latin District, Kuching Int’l Ltd., Taichung, Taiwan, 2009-2010
Overseas Sales Representative, Sunshine Travel Agency, Taichung, Taiwan, 2000-2002


Language Pedagogy
Spanish/ Italian Teaching
Grammar Analysis and Comparison
Business Writing and Application
Laboratory: H304-1T
Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext:3613

Shu-Min Hsu

lecturer of University


Master of Human Resource and Public Relations in DAYEH UNIVERSIT,


lecturer of Chung Chou Institute of Technology,  MingDao … University
Chairman of Formosa biotechnology Company
Trainer of Cosmetology  in DAYEH UNIVERSIT


B class Hair Technique certification of R.O.C (No. 067-000780)
B class Cosmetology Technique certification of R.O.C (No. 001664)

Laboratory: H304-3T
Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext:3614

Ping-Yu Kuo





Cultural creativity industry
Industrial marketing
Consumer behavior
Creativity design

Career and Further Studies

Our graduates will have career options of the following fields-- stylish make up artist, bridal make-up artist, image consultant, professional beautician, public relations specialist and branding management, fashion industry management, fashion photography and Fashion media etc.

Facilities            1. Styling Salon           2. Beauty Salon

 Styling Salon
Beauty Salon

Contact Information

Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext. 3601
Fax: +886-4-8359000 ext. 3699