Department of Culinary Arts

Department of Culinary Arts

Culinary industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Taiwan. One of the major reasons is that the job market for chef is getting larger in Taiwan due to the uniqueness of Taiwanese cuisine.

he Department of Culinary Arts in Chung-Chou Institute was newly established in 2009. Our department is expected to be an exclusive culinary arts teaching center in central Taiwan.

Our Culinary Arts curriculum offers training, practice and hand-on learning experience to prepare students for successful career in creative culinary. After graduation, students will be ready for the job market of chefs, corporate chefs and private chefs in hotels, restaurants, bakeries, bars, catering companies, food and beverage service, and school lunch programs. In addition, upon graduation, our students will have options for jobs in other areas too, including hospitality industry serving as food sales, owner operators, or food stylist.

We aim:
.To strengthen health care service providers with the knowledge and abilities to foster multi-professional functions.
.To equip students with health food production capacity, and establish the green cuisine concept.
.To develop a full range of employment services career professional skills and attitudes, increase the number of job-related skills for the job.
.To enable students to understand the health care as it exists now and future trends and help them obtain a license to counsel students.

Curriculum Design
Our curriculum design is closely connected to the culinary and healthy food industries in Taiwan; the aim is to serve leading restaurants, food purveyors and industry professional groups including the Chef of Cuisine in Taiwan.

The main focus of our curriculum is the development and preparation of “healthy diet“. Therefore, the curriculum includes two programs to cover culinary skills and arts as well as health knowledge and theories, namely advanced culinary art program and healthy diet program.

Our undergraduate program is a four-year one. The curriculum provides general education courses, and basic and professional courses related to culinary arts and health aspects. Our program is for those who are determinant to learn the making of gourmets and be a culinary professional!

Department of Culinary Arts:
For the B.S. degree in Culinary Arts Department, a minimum of 128 credits is required. This includes 31 credits of General Education courses, 19 credits of Health Related courses, 40 credits of the prescribed courses and 38 credits elected from Advanced Culinary Art and Healthy Diet program.

Course Title Semester Hour
Chinese / 2sh
Applied Chinese / 2sh
English 1-4 / 2sh
Nature Science / 2sh
Defense Education 1-2 / 2sh
Physical Education1-4 / 2sh
Volunteer Study 1-2 / 2sh
Liberal Arts 1-3 / 2sh
Social Studies1-2 / 2sh
Humanities and Arts / 2sh


Course Title Semester Hour
Introduction to Nutrition / 2sh
Introduction to Health ManagemenT / 2sh
Introduction to Biotechnology Property / 2sh
Introduction to Food and Beverage Management / 2sh
Introduction to Health Food / 2sh
Introduction to Health Plant / 2sh
Concept in Exercise and Health / 2sh
Introduction to Food Safety / 2sh
Introduction to Computer Science / 3sh


Course Title Semester Hour
Cutting Skill / 2sh
Food Principles and Laboratory /2sh
Chinese Cuisine (1) / 3sh
Bakery and Practice (1) / 3sh
English for Food and Beverage / 2sh
Diet Design and Cost Control / 2sh
Purchasing for Food and Beverage / 2sh
Western Cuisine (1) / 3sh
Research Method / 1sh
Special Topic Lecture / 1sh
Cuisine with Chinese Characteristics / 3sh
Western Cuisine Set-menu Design / 3sh
Quantity Food Preparation and Practice / 3sh
Internship / 9sh
Graduation Exhibition

There are 2 programs for students, including advanced culinary art program and healthy diet program. All students should elect at least 38 credits from the two programs before they graduate from this department.

Advanced Culinary Art Program: 29 credits

Course Title Semester Hour
Chinese Cuisine (2) / 3sh
Vegetable and Fruit Sculptures / 3sh
Bakery and Practice (2) / 3sh
Bar Management and Operation / 3sh
Food & Beverage Service Skill / 3sh
Western Cuisine (2) / 2sh
Cold Plate Preparation / 3sh
Foreign Cuisine / 3sh
Banqueting / 2sh
Esthetics and design of food / 2sh
Design of local food / 2sh ________________________________________

Healthy Diet Program: 27 credits
Course Title Semester Hour
Nutrition and Health / 2sh
Food Additives / 2sh
Studies with the Spices and Seasonings / 2sh
Cultural Foods: Traditions and Trends / 2sh
Nutrition and Dietary Therapy / 2sh
Food Processing and Practice / 2sh
Nutrition in the Life Cycle / 2sh
Food regulations and workplace safety / 2sh
Health Diet Design / 2sh
Marketing of Food and Beverage / 2sh
Healthy Cuisine / 3sh
Vegetarian Nutrition and Application / 2sh
Diet and Weight Control / 2sh

In the Department, there are currently six faculty members, three of them with PhD in Agricultural Chemistry or Food Technology. The other three are distinguished chefs, whose professional specialty is in Chinese Culinary, Western Cuisine and bakery.

Laboratory: J515-6
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8359000 ext:4420
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Tsou, May-June
Assistant Professor, Chairperson


Ph.D., Department of Food Technology, Clemson University, USA, 1995
M.S., Department of Animal and Food Industries, Clemson University, USA, 1991
B.S., Department of Food Science, Tunghai University, Taichung, 1987


Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition and Health Science, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Changhua, 08/2006~present
Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Kainan University, Taoyuan, 08/2001~07/2006
QA Manager, Standard Dairy Products Taiwan, 10/1999-08/1990
QA Manager, Nestle Taiwan, 05/1996-09/1999


Using Biomass Transfermation technology to produce functional peptides

TEL: +886-4-8359000 ext:4424
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Chen, Hsiang-Shun
Assistant Professor


Ph. D., Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
M.S. Institute of Nutrition Science, College of Chung-Shan Medical and Dental, Taiwan
B.S. Department of Nutrition, College of Chung-Shan Medical and Dental, Taiwan

.Assistant Professor, Department of Culinary Arts, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Changhua, Taiwan, 2/2010~present

.Assistant Professor and Chairman, Department of Culinary Arts, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Changhua, Taiwan, 8/2009~2/2010
.Assistant Professor, Department of Hospitality Management, Diwan University, Tainan, Taiwan, 2/2009~7/2009
.Lecturer, Department of Food and Beverage Management, Diwan University, Tainan, Taiwan, 8/2001~2/2009
.Specialist of R.D., Yung-Shin Pharmaceutical Ltd. Co., Taichung, Taiwan, 7/1997~8/2001
.Dietician, Da-Chen Food and Beverage Ltd. Co., Taichung, Taiwan, 9/1994~4/1995


Research and development of functional food
Marketing of functional food
Food sanitation management

Research Interests

Functional assessment of functional food
Application of nanotechnology in food science
Calcium intake assessment of functional food

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Lee, Ji-Fu
Technique assistant professor,


Nanya Institute of Technology Department Culinary Ars Associate


.Taichung red carpet dining room - manager concurrently chef.1988
.Kenny gentleman hotel western-style food department – chef. 1997
.Taichung crystal China hotel western-style food department tappasaki chef.1998
.Taichung gold standard hotel - banquet hall chef.2003
Chinese China and the West Dining Association – director.2004


Chinese meal cooks

western-style food to cook


Research Interests

Creativity and innovation of Chinese and West style cuisine

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8359000 ext:4501
FAX: +886-4-8395316

Lin, Long-Yu
Technique assistant professor


Chinese Culinary Arts Associate of Science


Shi Yuan Seafood Japanese:Person in charge, 2003 ~ 2007

The Regent, Taichung:Chef of International Banquet section, 1998~2001
The Regent, Taichung:Chef, 1998~2001
Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Taichung:Chef of Seafood section, 1992.~1998.
Asia World Plaza, Taipei:Chef of Ocean Palace, 1982.~1985


Chinese meal cooks

TEL: +886-4-8359000 ext:4501
FAX: +886-4-8395315 tw

Chen, Te-Sheng
Technique assistant professor


Bachelor of Business Administration, Chung Chou Institute of Technology


Two Beauties Hall Foods
St. Mary Food Company
Baoquan food companies. master
New World International Industries (stock) companies. West Point Room Chef
New World International Industries (stock) companies. China Harbin Branch
Preparation. counseling opening.


Baking school (cakes of bread. chocolate) in the. Western-style pastry R & D


TEL: +886-4-8359000 ext:4212/4500
FAX: +886-4-8395316

Wu, Chiu-Ye
Associate Professor and Chairperson


Ph.D. Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, 1995

M.S. Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, 1991
B.S. Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, 1989


.Associate Professor and Chairmen, Department of Culinary Arts, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Changhua County, 2010-present
.Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Changhua County, 2009-2010
.Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Changhua County, 2006-2009
.Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, Tung-Fang Institute of Technology, Kaohsiung County, 2001-2006
.R& D Center, Syngen Biotech, Inc.,Tainan County, 1999-2001
.Pharmaceutical Department, Biotechnology Development Division,Sinon Corporation, Taichung, 1996~1999


Application of microbiology
Fermentation of mushrooms
Cultivation of mushrooms

Research Interests

Mushroom Cultivation by Submerged Cuolid
Mushroom Cultivation by Solid-State Culture


Culinary Demonstration Classroom

Diet Preparation Classroom

Bakery Classroom

Beverage Preparation Classroom

Quantity Food Preparation Classroom

Food and Beverage Service Teaching Room

Contact Information

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83590008359000 ext. 4501