Department of Motion Pictures and Video Communication

Department of Motion Pictures and Video Communication

The department cultivates the humanities, creativity and professionalism. Our goal is to lead in professional film production education. Students' personal training is based on national cultural and creative industries development plans for this type of creative audio-visual industry. The department offers an undergraduate program with a concentration in Film and Video Production. These concentrations consist of technical instruction and lectures in motion picture studies to provide students with the skills necessary to function in the multifaceted world of audiovisual production. Our approach to media practice is broad enough to address the needs of the independent artist as well as those who wish to enter the industry, and the program also ensures that each student receives personal attention from the faculty. The Department’s development directions will be oriented toward all-around professional training. The four developmental axes includes Digital Video Production, Animation Art Creation, Digital Media Development Production, and Development of Digital Content, in order to enhance the cultural and creative industries.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum is planned from basic to advanced and focuses on enhancing creativity, production, and marketing training. Each component of the training is based on different types of media and production. Production includes feature films, documentaries, animation and TV programs—four professional courses. This complete coverage of the film and television industry is very important to our students' futures in this field. Before students graduate, they have mastered production to integrate learning outcomes. In addition to course contents, the department also mentors students through participation in industry visits and practice. This helps students gain real experience.

1. Basic Video Design Courses-- Introduction to Digital Media, Computer Image Processing, Basic Recording Production, Soundtrack Design, Design Graphics, Script Production
2. Animation Courses--3D Animation Production, 2D Animation Production, Advanced 3D Animation Production, Advanced 2D Animation Production
3. Television Production Courses--Beginning Television Program Production, Advanced Television Program Production, TV Directing, Interviews and Writing, Media and Society, Advertising
4. Film Production Courses--Short Film Production, History of Cinema, Dramatic Film Production, Documentary Film Production, Contemporary Thought in Film, Film Culture Internship, Studies in Regional Film
5. Other Courses--Image Generation and Special Effects, Special Topics in the Study of Video and Culture, Film Festival Strategy and Techniques, Studies in Film Genre, Special Topics in Production.

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The 10-full-time faculty is comprised of experienced, academically and professionally trained filmmakers and scholars whose work has won numerous awards.

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Tian-Han Song, Assistant Professor, Chairperson


PhD Cand
idate in History, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, 2004~present
M.A. in History, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, 1997
B.A. in History, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, 1995
Diploma in Sculpture, National Taiwan College of Arts, Taipei, 1991~1994


Film Director of Taiwan Lion Dance documentary, 2007

Executive Producer of Public Television Life Drama Exhibition, 2007
Department Chair, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, 2003~2005
Producer of Changhua County Government’s documentary film: “Everybody come here to write village history.” 2006


Comparative Study of Culture, Film and Television History, Script Creation, Movie Study, Intellectual History, Modern History, Fang Xue, Taiwan History, Cultural History

Phone: (04)8359000 ext 4103

Loong-Kuang Chai, Associate Professor


Ed.D. in Education, La Sierra University, California, U.S.A., 2005
M.S. in Computer Engineering, San Jose State University, California, U.S.A., 1989
B.S. in Industrial Management Technology, National Taiwan Univer
sity of Science and Technology, Taipei, 1977


Associate Prof
essor, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, 2005/8~present
Lecturer, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, 1990/8~2005/7
Director of Computer Center, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, 1992/8~1994/7
Assistant Engineer, Retired Servicemen Engineering Agency, 1974/5~1986/2


Multimedia Instruction, Web Design, Program Design, Database System Design

Phone: (04)8359000 ext 4103

Yu-Di Huang, Instructor


M.S., College of New Rochelle, New York, U.S.A., 2003
B.S. in Visual Communication Design, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, 1998


Lecturer, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, 2004~present
3D Game Designer, Yang Ming Marine Transport, 2005
3D Visual Designer, Creating-Shadow Computer Graphics Company, 2004
3D Visual Designer, Taiwan Museum of History, 2004
Assistant Designer of Woman Make Movies, New York, U.S.A., 2002


3D Animation, W
eb Design, Image Synthesis and Special Effects

Phone: (04)8359000 ext 1920

Jian-Zhi Lin, Assistant Professor


M.S. in Media Marketing, Da-Yeh University, Chenghua, Taiwan


Assistant Professor, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, 2009/3~present

Lecturer, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, 2003/8~2009/2
Director of Media Center, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, 2003~present
Director of Chenghua Community Channel Foundation, 2007~present
Secretary-General of Community Development Association, Chenghua, 2007~present
News Director and Programmer Manager of three Cable Stations, 1992~2004


Documentary Production and Planning, Studio Practice, Media Business and Management, Production and Broadcast of Television News Program, Audio Synthesis and Effects, Virtual Reality, Fundamental Video Recording, Digital Editing, Mass Communication

Phone: (04)8359000

Fang-Jun Wen, Instructor


M.A. in Education, William Woods University, Missouri, U.S.A.

B.A. in Music, National Taipei University of the Arts, Taipei

Lecturer, Chung Chou Institute of Technology, Chenghua
Full-time teacher, Ming-Der Girls High School, Taichung


Generality of Sound, Digital Music, Children Music, Music A


The Department provides production equipment and facilities for beginning to advanced students. The Department has established a Creative Image Arts Center which consists of five laboratories/studios-- Virtual Film Studio, Digital Image Post-Processing Center, 2D and 3D Animation Classroom, Audio Visual Laboratory, and Digital Image Archive.

Audio Visual Laboratory
Virtual Film Studio

Vitual Film Studio
Digital Image Post-Processing Center

Contact Information

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