Department of Marketing and Logistics Management

Department of Marketing and Logistics Management

The department offers courses integrating information technology, commercial training, the combination of industry and university training in methods to cultivate professionals in marketing an d logistics and to train middle-level managers for the business world.
The department was established in 1991, the prior name is the Department of International Trade. In order to coordinate the development of Asian-Pacific transport business center and to enhance the competitive advantage of Taiwan’ service industry, the name of this department was changed to Dept. of Marketing and Logistics Management since August of 2006. This department devotes to foster the specialized personnel in service, marketing and logistics management.

Curriculum Design

Marketing and Logistics Management students at Chung Chou Institute of Technology University are instructed and advised by a highly qualified faculty who are experts in the field of marketing. Students are required to take basic business courses to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the field of business. The required marketing courses introduce students to the dynamic and exciting field of marketing. Students are allowed to customize their major by choosing from a variety of elective courses. Required and elective courses in marketing include:

The first year/ course title semster hour (sh)

Economics(1) 3 sh

Accounting(1) 3 sh

Marketing Management 3 sh

Introduction to Business Management 3 sh

Business Packaged Software 3 sh

Economics (2) 3 sh

Accounting(2) 3 sh

Computer information systems 3 sh

Psychology for Management 3

The second year / course title semester hour (sh)

Statistics(1) 3 sh

E-Commerce 3 sh

Recreation Industry Management 3 sh

Statistics (2) 3 sh

Introduction to Logistics Management (1) 3 sh

Operations Management 3 sh

Logistics Operation Practice 3 sh

The third year / course title semester hour (sh)

Service Management 3 sh

Store Management Practice 3 sh

Management Accounting 3 sh

Products Plan and Designing 3 sh

Analysis of Competitive Strategic 3 sh

Corporate Financing Practice 3 sh

Enterprise Resourse Planning 3 sh

International Marketing 3 sh

Topic Production(1) 3 sh

Supply Chain Management * 3 sh

Sale Skills 3

Internet Marketing 3

Logistics Operation Practice 3

Marketing Case Study and Practices 3 sh

Commercial Negotiation 3 sh

The fourth year / course title semester hour (sh)

Topic Production (2) 3 sh

Entrepreneurship Management 3 sh

Promotions Internship program 3 sh

The Practice of Merchandise Management 3 sh

Global Logistics Management * 3 sh

The Practice of market analysis 3 sh

Customer Relationship Management Practice 3 sh

E-Work Internships 3 s

There are 3 professional programs for students, including Marketing Service Management Program, Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism Program, and Logistics Management Program. All students should got at least 2 professional programs before they graduate from this department. A student will get the professional program certificate when he/she got 25 credits for each professional program.

Marketing Service Management Program

Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism Program

Logistics Management Program

Consumer Behavior 3 sh

Food & beverage management 2 sh

Concepts of Logistics 3 sh

Store human resources management 3 sh

Concepts of health industry 3 sh

Distribution management(1) 3 sh

Integrated marketing & communication 3 sh

Introduction of tour resource 3 sh

Warehouse & transport ion management 3 sh

Service Management 3 sh

Practice of reception 3 sh

Practices of distribution automation 3 sh

Sales & chain store operation management 3 sh

Health food & beverage 2 sh

E-business 3 sh

Customer relationship management 3 sh

Health industry Management 3 sh

Distribution management(2) 3 sh

Sales Skills 3 sh

Practice of Tour Guide & Tour Leader 3 sh

Supply chain management 3 sh

Practice of store operation 3 sh

Communication Skills 3 sh

Business purchase management 3 sh

Market area plan& analysis 3 sh

Marketing in food & beverage 2 sh

Practice of customs declaration 3 sh

Business Negotiation 3 sh

Internet Marketing 3 sh

Practices of logistics 3 sh

Entrepreneurial Management 3 sh

International Etiquette 3 sh

Introduction of ERP 3 sh

Marketing plan research 3 sh

Food & beverage chain store management 2 sh

Global logistics management 3 sh

Case of health industry 3 sh

Case study 3 sh



Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext. 3111

Dr. Hui-Chuan Tu, Assistant Professor


Financial Management, Performance
Evaluation and Management, Financial Market

Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext. 3119

Dr. Wei-Yei Hwang, Assistant Professor


Economics, International Marketing,
Human Resources, Management,Consumer
Behaviors Research
Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext 3119


Chin-Hui Wu, Assistant Professor



The culture and education management
The Non-profit organization management
The arts and creativity marketing

Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext. 3112

Meei-Ying Lan, Instructor


Marketing Management, International
Marketing, Customer Relationship Managemen
Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext. 3118

Dr. Shiou-Chen Lin, Associate Professor


Enterprise Resource Planning, Investment Management, Marketing, Consumer Behaviors Research

Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext. 3116

Dr. Yu-Su Shum, Assistant Professor


Productive Management, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Facilities Maintain and Management, System Simulation

 Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext. 3113

Hsin-Yi Lin, Lecturer


Logistics Management, Marketing Management, Business Management

   Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext. 3100

Dr. Ching-Chien Yang, Assistant Professor


Logistics Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Financial Accounting, Corporate Financing, Customer Relationships Management



1.Global Logistics Simulation Center offering hand-on experience through Marketing Management Exercise & Learning Center, research, Theme Store, professional computer centers & EDI customs declaration.
2. Business Information Laboratory- curriculum correlation books and periodical magazines.
3. Monographic Study Room- provides the student to discuss the topic and the conference space.
4. Multiple Learning Center-CRM, customs clearance, SPSS, logistics, software operation.
5. Professional Certificate Identify Computer Room- MOS, MOCC computer professional ability test.
6. The Computer Room-- for C level technology ability test from Council of Labor Affairs.
7. Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Laboratory.
8. Virtual Electric Business Center
9. Local Industry Development Research Room.
10. Professional Logistics Laboratory.

EDI Customs Automation Laboratory Marketing Simulation Laboratory
Logistics Simulation Laboratory Industry-University Cooperative Research Center

Certificate Acquirement

Students can follow their interests to get the relative certificates. This will help them work in the future and the industry owner will delight to hire them.
*Language classification-English
*Computer operation-“MOS, MOCC test of office’”
*Computer application software-“B, C level technical certificate”, “trade information *Business classification-“B,C level certificate for accounting”, “stocks & futures sales”, “stocks analysis”, “customs automatic operation certificate”, “air freight undertake certificate”,”3PL omni bearing logistics management certificate”.

Contact Information
Phonel: +886-4-
8359000 ext. 3101