Office of Continuing Education

The Office of Continuing Educations provides various programs that allow enrollment in regular university credit courses for those who are not currently admitted to and/or matriculated at CCUT. Enrollment is on a "space available" basis, subject to the approval of the instructor and the department chair concerned.

There is not unit limit of course credit earned through Continuing Education offerings at Chung Chou Institute of Technology in non-matriculated status may count toward undergraduate degree requirement. However, students who are not currently admitted by CCUT may be considered in non-matriculated status in terms prior to the term of official admission to the degree granting program and during terms of disqualification from the degree granting program.Students who are interested in courses the Office of Continuing Education offers may contact the office for more information.

For serving local communities and continuing education, CCUT offers on-job training and extension education.CCUT operates in accordance with country development and domestic needs, offering industrial technology services and on-job training.  Currently, there are 25 national technical and vocational examination halls and sites at CCUT.  We are committed to extension education and local community services.  The extension education programs and local community colleges created by CCUT are well-recognized and praised.

Contact Information

Phone: +886-4-8359000 ext. 1800