Graduate Program in Health Food

Graduate Program in Health Food
Recent years, the government the biotechnology, the fine agriculture, the sightseeing trip, the medical care, the green energy, the cultural creativity and so on six big key emergent industries has accepted for the national most important development.  Besides takes from a surplus to supply an insufficiency the resources, the expanded scale, the promotion output value, counsels and the absorption civic body joint venture investment, coordinates the development country. But this school in accordance to the country industrial development policy and the region characteristic industrial development take the healthy industry as this school development characteristic, set up “the Institute of health food and the Biotechnology” in 99 school year.

Biotechnology will list as the development all science and technology of mainstream various countries for the 21st century the key point,  the trend of development and old humanizations society's in the healthy industry oncoming, the deep sleep cultivation will have both the health foods development with to produce importance and urgent talented person of the system and the food biotechnology. The objective of the institute sets up namely lies in strengthens the health foods science and teaching of connotation food biotechnology union, and promotes teaching of quality the related discipline, strengthens produces study the cooperation and the industrial talented person quality promotion, and unifies in the healthy institute and the school manpower and the resources the other related research, develops the talented person for the health related industry cultivation outstanding research.

Conducting avant-garde basic research in the field of health food with the ultimate goal of expanding the frontiers of life sciences and biotechnology

To raise a person who has the talent of development and production health foods and food biotechnology skill.

To prepare for entering the fields of Health food and biotechnology, our graduate students are helped to obtain:
1. The cultivation health foods and the biological technology and so on related professional is a goal, and continues strengthens the specialized technique duty education, promotes its specialized accomplishment and ability, strengthens the student work place practice experience, prepares needing of the industrial upgrading talented person.
2. Raises the student logic to ponder and to solve the question ability, and spirit of the independent research; Pays great attention the specialized research training, and gives dual attention to the theory and the practice, and strengthens the graduate student to participation produces study the cooperation and the exchange.

Academic feature
1. The project on establishing a distinguishing feature on development and production of health food.
2. Characteristic model project on development of natural health care products and market.

Student career development
Public officials: The administration of public health personnel, the fresh technique examines the personnel, the scholarly research personnel….
Food and biotechnology industry: The food processing and lives the technique industry to be the utmost the manufacture, the tube, to research and develop the personnel.
Voluntarily undertaking: The health foods produce the system, the health foods material supply industry and the health foods sale.
Others: Pharmaceutical factory research and development and tube personnel…

In the future this institute with will produce the system center by the above core laboratory and the health foods development to continue to face the topic and to produce study the research direction diligently, in addition also lives the food inspection demand of the technique market, will carry on the practical technical research and development and the shift, will strengthen the health foods development with to produce teaching and the research the system, will foster has the practice operation and the experience talented person.

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