CCUT Prospective Visions

With the visions of excellence, innovation, quality, and health, Chung Chou University of Science and Technology is dedicated to cultivating professionals with humanity and technology in the fields of engineering, management and health.

Excellence: The Colleges of Engineering, Management, and Health at CCUT are devoted to excellent development of research and instruction in the fields of ‘industrial technology’, ‘management service’, and ‘health care’, and are expected to become an excellent specialty model institution.

Innovation: CCUT pursues innovation in science technology with humanity and is dedicated to academic research so that the instruction of science and technology can foster professional talents. We seek innovation, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to benefit society and the public.

Quality: CCUT seeks to advance educational quality by improving student recruitment strategies, teaching, international exchanges and administration. We endeavor to find sponsors and resources from the public as well as to improve the well-being of people in the society.

Health: CCUT has a green campus filled with natural bio-ecology and art to offer our faculty, students and domestic residents a friendly and restful campus park as well as an artistic place for developing self-esteem and respect.  CCUT is actively promoting the campus public art projects and expecting the artwork to transform CCUT into an outdoor art gallery and lohas campus!