‘Falling in Love with CCUT ’: A CCUT Camp for Freshmen

By Mindy Lee  On Thursday  September 16, 2014

‘Falling in Love with CCUT ’: A CCUT Camp for Freshmen

This two days bring the ‘Falling in Love with CCUT’ for the freshmen of the 4-year College, Day Division; it has been held for twelve consecutive years by Chung Chou University of Science and Technology. Freshmen  in the first stage reported to the Camp on Sep. 15th and 16th and were welcomed by the Board of Trustees, Chair, Dr. Chai, Yu-Chin (柴御清), all of the supervisors, as well as tutors. The Opening Ceremony was held on the following day. It is a whole new experience for many freshmen.

     In order to help the freshmen become familiar with campus, the School holds this two-day ‘Falling in Love with CCUT’so that they could get used to the environment before school starts. During this period, they are required to live in the dormitory , which makes this Camp the most creative and challenging one for freshmen nationwide.

     In the parents-teachers meeting, President Chin-Yin Tseng (曾慶瀛) sensed the enthusiastic participation of students’ parents and great interactions with the School; she has also attended the process of registration as well as meetings with each department. He pointed out that Chung Chou always focuses on students’global perspectives and offers many opportunities, as well as internships, to foreign exchange students. The Board of Trustees, Chair, Dr. Chai, Yu-Chin (柴御清) hopes that students can prepare for their future careers through the programs of international exchange and internships.

   Many kind of different activities are planned to make the Camp more interesting. Freshmen will enhance their capability and strengthen their self confidence in studying by participating in group competitions.